Granite Counters and Countertops in
Burlington, VT

BFR and Associates is a complete supplier of all natural stone products in
Burlington, VT. Be it beautiful granite kitchen counters or granite bathroom
countertops, luxurious fire-place or tub surrounds, granite curbing, pavers, or
select landscaping items - BFR has been helping the Burlington, VT area for years.

Brice Repolt, the Granite Counters and countertops expert at BFR has over 23
years of experience of service in the in Burlington, VT area.

Granite countertops and marble counters in Burlington, VT add a timeless beauty
and durability that only could come from mother nature. We are undoubtedly
biased towards our granite counters and countertops, but BFR in Burlington, VT is
also very proud to offer the newest and largest line of quartz surfacing - OKITE
imported directly from Italy.

BFR granite counters and countertops specialists in Burlington, VT wont take you
for granite!!

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