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See our selection of discounted granite tops starting at $50.00 a sq/ft - Installed!! Click Here

OKITE special - Take 20% off OKITE brand quartz surfacing! * In stock colors only - 30 sq/ft minimum Click Here

All kitchens over 45 sq/ft recieve a free 18 gauge, single bowl, stainless steel sink! Upgrade to double bowl for only $99.00!

A BFR EXCLUSIVE!!Looking for a granite native to New Hampshire? BFR now has "Tapestry" in stock. Quarried in Milford, NH - it is a beautiful, and hard to find true granite. Click Here

BFR & Associates is a leader in
in the natural stone business.
With extensive experience
working with granite, marble,
and quartz surfacing, we strive
to deliver excellence in quality,
service, and pricing. We are
a family owned company
dedicated to professional and
courteous service with customer
satisfaction out top priority.  
We supply kitchen  counter
tops, bathroom vanities,  jacuzzi
and  fire place surrounds, and any
thing else the imagination could
come up with.  

We also enjoy educating our
customers on why granite really
is the best choice. Rumors are
used as a sales tool by solid
surface companies to try and
scare consumers away from granite .The fact of the matter is this - granite is
gaining popularity year, after year, after year.  Unlike synthetic materials and
laminates, granite is highly scratch resistant and highly stain resistant. Contrary
to popular belief , amongst stone professionals and consumers alike, most true
granites do not even require a sealer. What about the granites that do require a
sealer? When properly treated with a QUALITY sealant/impreganator, you will
enjoy your granite counter-tops, worry free, for three to five years.  Still
concerned? Please read this study conducted by the Hospitality Institute of
Technology and Management -

There truly is no other material that matches the beauty, elegance, and
durability of granite. It has been a building block of civilizations for millions of
years and it's timeless beauty will never dull.

If  you would like pricing information,  start with our
counter top worksheet to
figure your total square footage and then come over and see us so we can show
you the many options available to you!!
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Manchester, NH
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